Pushing Limits

Working with clay, I fabricate individual wheel thrown elements. These, together with other clay parts, are carefully stacked on top of each other to compose a layered and woven structure. The constructs melt and fuse inside a kiln, reveling tensions and cascading failure. The result is an integrated sculpture: busy, piled and chaotic, yet rested, balanced, and composed. The works are systems of causality, where process becomes metaphor. The firing is time compressed. Time softens hard edges and moves material to states of rest. It tests my ideas and subjecting them to the same cascading failure as my forms.

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: Porcelain

Dimensions: 52*42*70


    2010         MFA,UNL, Ceramics,Ceramics

    2010         Master of Fine Art,University of Lincoln Nebraska, Ceramics,Ceramics

    1998         Bachelor of Science,Gonzaga University, Biology,Biology

    2005         Post Baccalaureate studies at New York College of Ceramics @ Alfred,,


    2019         Please see attached resume

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