Fruits of Acid Flesh

The language of abstract geometric forms in visual art is expressive and thought-provoking. I make art that wakes up feelings and emotions, associations and fantasies, which is more covert, carrying some secret and mystery. Art of associations and emotions enhanced by the perfection of its maker, the art that doesn’t make you need to read annotation and description, shapes and forms that have a special and individual meaning for each particular viewer. For me, art is not just an object and concept – at first, it is a communication of a particular object with a particular viewer. Their private dialogue.
Reflected in the mirror, the sculpture creates an optical effect of self-repetition and continuation, and confuses the viewer, where the material world ends and its spiritual reflection begins. The work is very textured and tactile unfolding the artist behind it.

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: Mont Blank porcelain, mirror

Dimensions: 15cm, 13cm*19cm, 17cm*34cm, 24cm


    2014         Master,Stroganov Moscow State University of Industrial and Applied Arts (Decorative and Applied Art Department),Ceramic Art

    2014         ,Open School MediaArtLab in Manege,Visual Experiment


    2012         Manufacture Rupor

    2012         Manifacture "Gardner"


    2019         Venicelands International Art prize,Treviso

    2018         Some Things (don`t) Last Forever,Berlin

    2017         Allusions.Formations,Warsaw


    2019         Fruits of Plenty,Fruits of Plenty,Treviso


    2019         Copelouzos Family Art Muzeum,Athens

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