Brutalist Tea Set

In my artworks, I try to combine two things that are not combinable and those are, Porcelain and Concrete.

Growing up in 4 different countries but without moving from the place I have experienced a complete transition of one
economic system to the other. The main way of expressing this transition is through a Porcelain tea set. Porcelain tea sets that I use in my artwork, are mass-produced and I am using factory molds. These tea sets were mass produced and they offered an illusion of luxury in socialism. Furthermore growing up in concrete blocks has a symbol as well in my artwork. Concrete was the main material used for constructing houses, factories as well as monuments.
While in the past in most families and as well in mine, these tea sets were displayed in glass cabinets and they were used on rare occasions. This in a way also indicates that not functional tea sets but they were sculptures as well.

After the fall of socialism, these Tea Sets were sold on flee markets by everyday working people that once have used them.
In my work, I try to combine these two materials with a motive of destruction in order to try to represent the current era of transition that all
of Eastern European countries are having.

Porcelain as something which is really valuable and is used for items that usually have a family history attached to it is
being destroyed and fixed with concrete. Porcelain is something that once is broken it cannot be fixed while on the other
hand concrete once it is broken you can just pour a new layer over the cracks to fix it.

Another motive in my artwork is kitsch. These tea sets were replicas of Victorians tea sets, most likely Wedgwoods. Early socialism was about constructing a new society, a new economy, and new art. Later in 70's there has become a revival of baroque and romanticism. Because of the ideology of that time, this new baroque was a bit conservative and it was not like baroque from 17th century. After the fall of Socialism, I have witnessed so-called, turbo-folk war crime capitalism, which represented over the top Rococo and extreme luxury that was earned on easy way.

The combination of these motives is to represent the changes in social and economic changes that I have seen over 25

Year of Creation: 2018

Materials: Porcelain, Gold, Concrete and Wire

Dimensions: 80 cm*90 cm*30 cm


    2014         Bachlor ,Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade,Ceramics

    2015         Master ,Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade,Ceramics

    2019         started PHD,Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade,Ceramics


    2018         Artist Exchange Kunstlerhaus Stadttopferei Neumunster, Germany

    2019         Open course of Modern Aesthetics and Theory of Art, Belgrade


    2018          Artist Exchange Kunstlerhaus Stadttopferei Neumunster, Germany,Neumunster, Germany

    2018         Ceramic Art Andenne, Belgium,Andenne, Belguim

    2017         The 11th International Ceramics competition, MINO, Japan,Mino Gifu, Japan

    2016         Masters degree exhibition at Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade,Belgrade, Serbia

    2016         Ni? Art foundation best young artist in Serbia,Ni?, Serbia

    2016         XIII International Biennale exhibition of miniatures, Gornji Milanovac,Gornji Milanovac, Serbia

    2015         Unicom Ceramics Today, III International ceramic triennial, Slovenia,Ljubljana, Slovenia

    2014         XII International Biennale exhibition of miniatures, Gornji Milanovac,Gornji Milanovac, Serbia

    2014         Tea time,Belgrade, Serbia


    2017         Brutalist Tea set,Brutalist Tea set,Mino, Japan

    2016         Master Project ,Master Project ,Belgrade, Serbia


    2018         Kunstlerhaus Stadttopferei,Neumunster, Germany

    2018         Art museum in Andenne,Andenne, Belgium

    2017         Ceramics Park MINO,Mino, Japan

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