‘Re-born’ of Qinghua series 「Excellence Prize」

'Re-born' series
When I saw the shards of the artifact in Jingdezhen, China, which were neglected and thrown away, I experienced a culture shock. The Shards of Sagger of the Song dynasty, which formed a massive mountain after being discarded a thousand years ago and white porcelains being attached within led me into an intuition of implications on vitality. Extremely small pottery shards, no matter how old they are, cannot be cultural assets. I would like to expose of the genuine of "being reborn" breaking away from the conventional dichotomy of the view which the broken artifact is not a cultural heritage but aborted pieces. Environmentalism which tops the agenda as an obligatory alternative translates 'being reborn' as 'recycling' but what I mean by 'being reborn' is closer in meaning with 'incarnation'.
Furthermore, the techniques I used such as putting together with the shards and other pieces is my own way to try to connect the past and present.
The Shards thrown away by others may be trivial things, but shards thrown to me, I think, are prerequisite for the start of life, rather than the end of life.

Year of Creation: 2018

Materials: Broken Ceramics shard of Ming Dynasty, Dehua porcelain, iron structure, glass

Dimensions: 1200mm*1200mm*150mm


    2011         M.F.A, Chungnam National University,Ceramic art

    2003         B.F.A, Chungnam National University,Ceramic art


    2019         Artist in Residency, Biennale International Design Saint-Etienne, France

    2018          'Blanc de Chine' International Artist Residency in Dehua, China

    2018          International Ceramic Residency in Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, China

    2017         Shangyu Celadon Modern International Art Center Residency, China

    2016         Liling Ceramic Valley Museum Residency, China

    2015          Macsabal wood firing Symposium Hacettepe university, Ankara, Turkey

    2014         Building wood kiln & firing Symposium Burapha University, Thailand

    2012         Clayarch Gimhae Museum Ceramic Creative Center Residency, Korea


    2018         The 7th Solo Exhibition 'RE-born' (Tong-in Gallery), Seoul&Korea

    2018         'To Ideal Land of Ceramics' Exhibition of International Contemporary Ceramic works (Tsinghua University Art Museum),Beijing&China

    2017          150 contemporary urns (EKWC), Netherlands

    2016         'MODE' (Liling Ceramics Valley Museum),Liling, China

    2015         'art for peace' (Turkish Cultural Center),Ankara, Turkey

    2014         'Thai-Korea Wood firing' (BURAPHA UNIVERSITY),THAILAND

    2012         'Exchange: Over and Over' (MMCA Changdong Creative Studio), Seoul, Korea

    2011          'Artist-in-Residence A. I. R. III' (Clayarch Gimhae Museum Special Exhibition Hall), Gimhae, Korea

    2010         'Present, Present, and Present' Expression of Universe (HYATT REGENCY),OSAKA, JAPAN

    2009         Asian Contemporary Ceramic Art-Symposium of New Generation (Aichi Ceramics Museum), Japan

    2008         Modern cramics - Symposium of New Generation (Foshan Modern Ceramic Art Museum),China

    2007         Korea, China and Japan - Symposium of New Generation (KCDF),Seoul, Korea


    2015          The 8th GICB International Competition, Honorable Mention, The 8th GICB International Competition, Honorable Mention, Korea


    2018          International Studio in Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute,Jingdezhen, China

    2018         Tsinghua University Art Museum,Beijing, China

    2017         Shangyu Celadon Modern International Art Center,Kiangsu, China

    2016         Liling Ceramics Valley Museum, Liling, China

    2015         Hacettepe University,Ankara, Turkey

    2014         Burapha University,Chonburi, Thailand

    2010         Korea Ceramics Foundation,Icheon, Korea

    2008         Foshan Modern Ceramic Art Museum,Foshan, China

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