Lace 「First Prize」

This porcelain lace might simbolize a lot of things, such as the Land I'm living, or the Country, the nature and the human created structures by indicating water surfaces and roads, or the people living on it, the culture we create together, even our world turning to a blurry unknown way, maybe the only planet we live on, or whatewer the one who's watching it may imagine to be important. It's everybodys choice.

For me it's the basis being myself, to be here, who I am. There no enough time for thinking about all the meaning I have behind it, so tell it short it's my home...

It comes together from 590 4 cm pierced biscuit porcelain cubes to show the map of Hungary

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: porcelain

Dimensions: 235*151*4cm


    2003         Master,Hungarian University of Craft and Design, Budapest ,Porcelain design

    2004         Master,Hungarian University of Craft and Design, Budapest,Design manager

    2046         ,,


    2006         European Ceramics Contest (workshop), Bornholm, Denmark

    2007         Young Ceramic Artists’ Symposium, International Ceramics Studio, Kecskemet, Hungary

    2008         Setted Table Symposium,Herend Porcelain Manufactory, Herend, Hungary

    2010         Keramiksymposium Gmunden, Ausztria

    2010         Cereamics Symposium, Paczkow, Poland

    2012         Paperporcelain 2. Symposium, International Ceramics Studio, Kecskemet, Hungary


    2007         4th World Ceramic Biennal Korea,Icheon-Si, Korea

    2008         4th International Design Biennial in Liège - Design 2008,Liège, Belgium

    2010         Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina,Novy Sad, Serbia

    2011         "Construction site" Solo exhibition, Pierwsze Pietro Gallery,Opole, Poland

    2017         2nd Ceramics Quadriennale, Gallery of Modern Hungarian Art,Pécs, Hungary


    1997         1956,1956,Competition of Szekesfehervar (Hungary) and Birmingham, Alabama, USA

    2004         Paraller Lines dinner set,Paraller Lines dinner set,Budapest, Hungary


    1997         Civil Rights Institute,Birmingham, Alabama, USA

    2012         International Ceramics Studio,Kecskemét, Hungary

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