Beyond preconceptions

You cannot portray another person from your own starting point. A tendency to preconceive and categorize in relation to another person and the encountered world creates distance. A dialogical position where the other is not defined from your own starting point but instead encountered beyond one´s own definition, as something unknown, constructs a possibility of encountering. In the sculptural series ´Beyond preconceptions´ an invisible human figure expresses the manifestation of dialogue and equality. The interpretation of different sides of an interaction lies in the background of works depicting a human.

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: Porcelain, paperporcelain

Dimensions: 48*58*48


    2002         Master of Arts in Ceramics,University of Wales Institute, Cardiff,Ceramics


    2012         Visiting artist at Arabia Art Department, Helsinki, Finland

    2007         Association of Finnish Sculptors

    2003         Finnish Association of Designers, Ornamo

    2017         Finnish Cultural Foundation, working grant

    2019         Swedish Cultural Foundation, project grant


    2015         Révélations, Grand Palais, Paris: Magic language/game of whispers,Paris, France

    2014         The 10th International Ceramics Festival ′14 Mino,Gifu, Japan

    2014         XXIIIrd International Biennal of Vallauris: Contemporary Creation and Ceramic,Vallauris, France

    2014         Designmuseum: Ceramics and Space,Helsinki, Finland

    2015         Vendyssel Kunst Museum: Scandinavian Ceramic Exhibition,Hjorring, Denmark

    2017         Oregaard Museum: Olo-Maerkbart,Hellerup, Denmark

    2018         About Clay: European Ceramic Exhibition,Fiskars Village, Finland

    2013         Arabia Museum Gallery: Beyond presence,Helsinki, Finland


    2014         Beyond presence ,Beyond presence ,Gifu, Japan


    2019         Aalto University Art Collection,Helsinki, Finland

    2014         Museum of Modern Ceramic Art Gifu,Gifu, Japan

    2018         The State Art Collection,Helsinki, Finland

    2013         Arabia Art Departments Collection,Helsinki, Finland

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