Lee minsoo

My work reveals the inner hidden color into formative figures to have intention to express the meaning of the hidden time. Pouring and removing different colored slip into the plaster mold repetitively to create a form with many layers is an effort of putting the time into it. Such laminated form becomes a material that contains implicated time like the materials that could be created with definite time such as annual rings of trees or stones, and cutting and digging it can be explained as a drawing concept that reveals the inner color which is different from the previous openwork technique in the point that the color of the side can be seen if anywhere is cut. This is a persistence to pursue changes from the basis by showing the meaning that is accumulated deep inside of the form rather than the surface decoration.

To explain the process of creating a form with multiple layers, each composed of different color, a plaster mold is placed on the wheel and as it spins, I apply a different colored slip layer by layer. At this time, a thorough skill and patience is required to decide the combination of thickness and color, shape and exquisiteness of each layer. After half-dry the shape taken out from the paster mold, the figuration completes as grinding when it is fully dried.

Each container itself is also composed of 10-20 layers of very thin casts attached. In the close-up image of my work, one can see the fine lines in the cross section, which could very well be single containers on their own. The geometric edges serve as an evidence of that.

Year of Creation: 2018

Materials: porcelain, coloured porcelain, slipcasting + wheelthrowing , modified, glazed, 1280°C reduction firing, polishing

Dimensions: 42*42*17


    2012         M.F.A.,Seoul National University,Faculty of Crafts &Design

    2008         B.F.A.,Seoul National University,Departments of Crafts &Design


    2014         Yanggu Porcelain Institute Reserch Manager

    2018         freelancer potter, in Diessen, Germany


    2017         Limited Edition, Solo Exhibition, LVS,Seoul, Korea

    2016         Cylinders, Solo Exhibition, LVS,Seoul, Korea

    2017         SOFA 2017,Chicago, USA

    2017         Tresor Contemporary Craft, 2017, Messe Basel,Basel, Swiss

    2016         The Summer of Porcelain, Yanggu Porcelain Museum,Yanggu, Korea

    2015         “Korea Now”, Musée les arts décoratifs, Paris,Paris, France

    2015         Biennale Internationale Design Saint-étienne 2015 The experiences of beauty,Saint-étienne, France

    2015         COLLECT 2015, Saatchi Gallery,London, England

    2015         Collections ‘Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan’ New Generation Contemporary Pottery Art Exhibition,Pusan, China

    2014         Messe Kunst und Handwerk 2014, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe,Hamburg,Germany

    2014         In Blue and White: Porcelains of the Joseon Dynasty, NATIONAL MUSEUM OF KOREA,Seoul, Korea

    2014         COLLECT 2014, Saatchi Gallery,London, England

    2013         REVELATIONS GRAND PALAIS,Paris, France


    2015         Bronze prize,Bronze prize,Cheongju, Korea

    2015         Winner Prize,Winner Prize,Berlin, Germany

    2013         Winner Prize,Winner Prize,London, England

    2010         Talente Prize,Talente Prize,München, Germany

    2010         Prize of the President of the Italian Republic,Prize of the President of the Italian Republic,Faenza, Italy

    2009         Bronze Prize,Bronze Prize,Yeoju, Korea


    2016         The Central Academy of Fine Arts,Beijing, China

    2015         Yanggu Porcelain Museum,Yanggu, Korea

    2015         Cheongju International Craft Biennale Organizing Committee,Cheongju, Korea

    2014         Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe ,Hamburg, Germany

    2013         Durham Orental Museum,Durham, England

    2013         AMOREPACIFIC Museum,Seoul, Korea

    2012         National museum of contemporary art,Seoul, Korea

    2011         LEEUM Samsung Museum of Art,Seoul, Korea

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