You & I 「Third Prize」

You & I is formed by 10 modular Porcelain panels, it is a research on the color perception, on the space and on the interaction of the people present.

The panels are made by personal techniques “Porcelaine Veins”, during slip casting, before clay drying, when the clay is still wet, copper wires are inserted inside. The 1310 ° C firing vitrifies the porcelain and melts the copper wire leaving the green trace (design).

It is a new frontier of dynamic art, it’s a multimedia and interactive art, where people react and participate with the Artwork, with voice or sound, and with smartphones with an APP. Everyone can change color and position of color depending on mood or just for enjoy.

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: porcelaine, copper wire, led RGB, computer

Dimensions: 205 cm (Diameter) *40 cm


    1992         Degree of Master in ceramic art , department of ceramics,,Art High School,diploma master of art

    1995         Professional Qualification on Computer Designer.,European Qualification,Diploma computer grafic

    1998         University degree "sculpture department",Academy of Fine Arts Perugia,,Degree

    2014         Professional qualification in the restoration of ceramics. European Qualification,,


    1995         1995 to 2003, Ceramic’s Teacher at Consorzio Futuro “E.C.I.P.A” courses funded by CEE (European Economic Community)

    1999         Teacher on ceramic class at Academy of Fine Arts Perugia

    2005         Ceramic department, Antioch College (Ohio) – Usa

    2007         Ceramic and Design, R.I.S.D. Rhode Island School of Design (Rome) Italy.

    2014         Conference “Ceramic Utopias, Dystopias, and Fantasies” TBC 2014 (Taipei Biennale Ceramic) Taiwan

    2014         Mackenzie, Presbiterian University, ceramic workshop and conference on ceramic&design. San Paolo, Brasil.

    2016         Academy of Fine Art G’Dansk , ” Conference e workshop #CERAMIC 2.0″ Multimedia and interactive ceramic. G’Dansk, Poland.

    2017         Academy of Fine Art Perugia, “Special Ceramic Techniques” Design department. Perugia, Italy.

    2017         Workshop and Conference – Lintao (Gansu) multimedia ceramic 2.0. China.

    2018         Academy of Fine Art Perugia, “Special Ceramic Techniques” Design department. Perugia, Italy.

    2018          International Cultural Exchange ABA Perugia Italy / Hongyu School Beijing. China

    2019         International Cultural Exchange ABA Perugia Italy / Hongyu School Beijing. China


    2018         Ceramic installation multimedia and interactive artwork “The Last Judgment” National Museum Gdansk ,Poland

    2017         Congresso nacional de técnicas para as artes do fogo, CONTAF 2017, Campinas (San Paolo),Brasil

    2017         IN THE EARTH TIME” GICB Ceramic Biennale, Gyeonggi, KOCEF, ,South Korea

    2017         Contemporary ceramic exhibition “CONTENUTI” Siena,Italy

    2016         Tecnargilla, Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition “Ceramic Bang” Rimini,Italy

    2016         Evolution #Ceramic2.0, multimedia and interactive installation, Ridotto del Teatro Masini, by Argillà,Italy

    2016         Latvia Ceramic biennale at “Mark Rothko Art Centre” Daugavpils,Latvia

    2016         Evolution Ceramic 2.0, Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition, light art, Spoleto,Italy

    2016         Lux in progress, Contemporary Art Exhibition ” light art” Liceo scientifico e Linguistico Ettore Majorana, Rome ,Italy

    2015         Luce4good, light art ensemble, by QVC Italy, Veronesi foundation on the Pink is Good project, Ex chiesa di San Carpoforo, Brera. ,Italy

    2015         59° International Competition of Contemporary Ceramic Art, MIC – International Ceramic Museum, Faenza,Italy

    2014         TBC 2014 (Taipei Ceramic Biennale) “TERRA NOVA” New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, ,Taiwan

    2014         Special ceramic workshop and exhibition, Mendoza “Centro Umbro”, Mendoza, ,Argentina

    2013         Contemporary Art Exhibition”ceramica d’uso abuso e riuso” Siena,Italy

    2013         Contemporary ceramic art exhibition “Italy in Muscat” connecting cultures through ceramic art. Bait Al Baranda Museum, Muscat,Oman

    2012         Contemporary International exhibition Artist, New York,Usa

    2012         13th Venice Biennale International Architecture exhibition Common Ground, Italian pavilion, Michele De Lucchi project “Majolica 2012” Venice, ,Italy


    1988         1 Price,1 Price,Italy

    2002         1 price,1 price,Poland


    2006         Artwork, President of the Italian Republic Caro Azeglio Ciampi ,Italy

    2006         Public Work, Municipality of Deruta,Italy

    2008         Public Work, Municipality of Torgiano,Italy

    2009         Public Work, Municipality of Padova,Italy

    2013         Artwork, Italian Embassy in Muscat ,Oman

    2016         Public Work, Municipality of Ventotene,Italy

    2016         Artwork, USA Embassy in Rome,Italy

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