Everyday Archeology

To start with, we must unify material, language and type of coding we are to communicate about and by, then we demark the initial area and then the boundaries within which we will operate, then relations, positions, deduce the lower number from the higher and then compare the difference to something else, define the value with the help of another pre-defined value, which is constantly and pointlessly discussed, then we need to find out what we are looking for, parallels and details, or diversity rather, we long for the result, or name the possibilities, look for harmony, or maybe want to go through the full scale of what is possible, or even to list out the complete alphabet of the impossible, this time we start from the end and that amuses us... and then we sit down at the table and I will cut the onion...

Year of Creation: 2017

Materials: Porcelain

Dimensions: 330*40*150


    2010         Master,Academy of Arts Prague,Ceramics and Porcelain

    2009         ,Akademie der Bildenden Künste München,Sculpture

    2008         ,EKA Academy of Arts Tallinn,Ceramics

    2006         Bezalel, Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem, Ceramics and Glass,,


    2017         - present - Director of the International Symposium of Ceramics Bechyně

    2016         Guest professor at the University of West Bohemia

    2012         - present - Co-founder of Hidden Factory a brand focusing on small production of conceptual porcelain design


    2018         European Ceramic Context 2018 ,Bornholm, Denmark

    2018         25° Grottaglie Prize ,Grottaglie, Italy

    2018         60 Faenza Prize,Faenza, Italy

    2017         International Ceramics Festival 17 Mino,Mino, Japan

    2017         Zagreb Ex-tempore,Zagreb, Croatia

    2016         Modern Classics - Focus Vessel,H?hr-Grenzhausen, Germany

    2016         Taiwan ceramics Biennial International Competition,New Taipei, Taiwan

    2015         59th Faenza Prize,Faenza, Italy

    2014         Waking up Dragon,Prague, Czech Republic

    2013         International Biennial of Ceramics,Kapfenberg, Austria

    2013         ...im Gras,Bassel, Switzerland


    2018         1st Prize,1st Prize,Grottaglie, Italy

    2014         1st Prize,1st Prize,Budapest, Hungary

    2006         1st Prize,1st Prize,Frankfurt, Germany


    2016         The New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum,New Taipei, Taiwan

    2012         Museum of Decorative Arts,Prague, Czech Republic

    2012         BOK, International ceramic center,Boleslawiec, Poland

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