Summer Beauty

I’m a Dutch artist, born in The Netherlands and moved to Luxembourg 27 years ago. Art has been my passion since childhood, but I started taking it serious in 2008, when my children didn’t need their mother around them all day anymore. Since then I work as a full-time independent ceramic artist, mainly self-taught.

Working intuitively, I combine different clay bodies, porcelain and their natural colors to create an imaginative world reminiscent of sub-marine sea life or blooming flora. While I make no attempt to create actual plants or shells, I do want my creations to look like they could have been waving in the depths of the ocean.
Living close to nature from childhood on and having travelled a lot had important influences on my work.
The curving lines of nature inherent in my work generate an illusion of movement, giving each piece an almost lifelike look. Never perfect, because even in nature not all is perfect.
A successful piece is one that begs to be touched as well as explored visually.

The creation is a process of natural growth. It starts with a vague idea, developing itself over time, mostly unconsciously, inspired by visual impressions of nature, travels, and different materials.

Every piece is unique and shaped by hand without using moulds or a wheel. Each has its own texture and is decorated with small elements, all made individually by hand. My forms are as a canvas for patterns, created from small elements. It requires only one small element used in repetition to become something greater than the sum of its parts.
Rarely relying on glazes, I use textures, stains and colored clay to add visual and tactile interest.

Through my work, I seek to draw attention to the issue of marine pollution. A staggering amount of
waste enters the oceans every year, ranging from plastic bags to pesticides endangering seas, coasts,
coral reefs and all magnificent life forms that inhabit these places. Hidden under the vast quantities of
water, we easily forget the beauty this ecosystem has to offer us and most crucially, its importance to
our planet and ultimately our lives. I hope to raise awareness of this destructive process at the hand
of my work. By holding, touching or gazing upon the artworks, may you feel inspired to enjoy
nature but more importantly contribute to its conservation.
We must respect nature if we are to survive, protecting it instead of destroying it.

Since 2010 I have been taking part in several group exhibitions, art fairs and some international shows in Paris, Brussels, Beijing and Venice. In 2016 I was rewarded the Jury Price from the exhibition ‘De Mains de Maîtres’ in Luxembourg.
My work can be found in private collections in over 15 countries around the world.

I’m always innovating with other materials and techniques and has many ideas to work on. There is so much more to try out. I’m in constant development, trying to improve my skills and techniques more and more.
For the next years I hope to take part in art residencies, in international exhibitions and to travel while exhibiting my creations.

The ‘base’ or shell of Summer Beauty’ is made from a white stoneware clay. I deliberately have left the surface of the outside rather rough and irregular to make it look more ‘real’, more like something coming out of nature.
The flowers are made of two different white porcelain clay bodies. Using two different porcelains results in slightly different tones of white, adding more depth and contrast to the piece.

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: Stoneware, Porcelain

Dimensions: 45*43*14


    1985         Master of Law,University of Groningen (NL),Civil Law


    2008         Independent ceramic artist


    2019         Salon Révélations 2019,Paris (FR)

    2019         Galerie Schortgen ,Luxembourg (LU)

    2018         Venice (IT),Venice (IT)

    2018         De Mains de Ma?tres,Luxembourg (LU)

    2018         Salon du Cercle Artistique de Luxembourg,Luxembourg (LU)

    2018         To Ideal Land of Ceramics, Tsinghua University Art Museum,Beijing (CN)


    2016         Jury Prize De Mains de Ma?tres,Jury Prize De Mains de Ma?tres,Luxembourg (LU)


    2015         Ministery of Culture Luxembourg,Luxembourg (LU)

    2018         Tsinghua University Art Museum,Beijing (CN)

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