Throughout the written history of mankind, pinecones have served as a symbolic representation of human enlightenment, of the third eye and the pineal gland — the geometric centre of the brain and, closely linked to the perception of light through our bodies. It is considered by many as our biological third eye, as the "seat of the soul", as the "epicentre of the Enlightenment”. Since 2014 I’m working on paraphrases of the single, repetitive element and linkings of a schematized pinecone. I bear in mind notions of self-similarity, the symmetry of scale and the basic features of fractals. The rhythm of an element's change of size and its repeated branching make it possible to create a network which is able to expand in all directions, one that might only be stopped by mutations resulting from bends in space. This harmonic balance between order and disorder creates a sense of beauty in humans, most clearly expressed in nature. Form is frozen dynamics, matter is energy condensed to a slow vibration.

Year of Creation: 2017

Materials: 50% Flax Porcelain, Body E/S 600, 50% Southern Ice Porcelain Clay

Dimensions: L 25 cm, W 54 cm, H 50 cm


    2015        "Luxe, Calme etVolupte" Museum Ariana, Genf, Switzerland

    2014        "Free Forms" Keramiekcentrum Tiendschuur Tegelen, Tegelen,Netherlands

    2013        "Beschreibungeines Raumes" Kunsthalle Feldbach, Austria 2012 “Error” Kornschütte, Luzern, Switzerland

    2011        Internationale Keramikbiennale “Inside Out“ Kapfenberg, Austria


    2017        Special Prize of the Jury, National CeramicsQuadriennale, Pécs, Hungary

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