Conscious Consciousness

Most of my art projects are based on material research, experimenting with new techniques. In my practice, I research uncommon absorbent materials which absorb the porcelain slip, then burn away during firing. I create experimental sculptures using ceramics materials which push the boundaries of ceramics art both technically and artistically. I frequently use mixed materials which produce unique, unexpected finishes. Casting slip is normally poured into porous plaster moulds which draw the water from the slip leaving an internal layer of solid porcelain.
My recent project Conscious Consciousness is a direct continuation of the series of art work titled Conscious Unconsciousness. The Conscious Unconsciousness series made by firing porcelain soaked sponges which are aesthetically pleasing to the eye when fired, yet emit toxic fumes as the sponge burns away. This serves to emphasize how for many people the ends justify the means. The sense of guilt caused by this contradiction soon began to overtake the project itself, leading me to realize that this duality which I was experiencing was the essence of the project. As a response to this contradiction I further researched the material and began experimenting with cellulose sponge which is 100% natural and not at all toxic. Using this new material allows me to create thought provoking sculptures without drastic pollution.

Year of Creation: 2016

Materials: Wood fired porcelain, Wood, Sand

Dimensions: L 89 cm, W 62 cm, H 35 cm


    2012        MA, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, ceramic designer 

    2011        Limerick Institute of Technology, Art and Design, scholarship 

    2006        Technical College of Art Szentendre, sculptor faculty


    2017        2nd National Ceramics Quadriennale, Pecs, Hungary

                    Kozma Lajos Scholarship group show, Klebelsberg Kultúrkúria/Budapest, Hungary

                       Young, SO Fine Art Edition, Dublin, Ireland

    2016        Conscious Consciousness, Zhunnan Snake Kiln Museum, Zhunnan, Taiwan 

                      5th ICMEA Symposium, Fuping, China

                      RDS National Craft Show, Craft Council of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland

    2015        Lined Up, Yingge Ceramics Museum, New Taipei, Taiwan

                      Genius Loci, Gluksburg Pallace Museum, Romhild, Germany 

                      Ceramics Jewellery, Northern Clay Centre, Minneapolis, USA

    2014        Projected Delusions, National Sculpture Factory, Cork, Ireland

                      Two-person show, Künstlerhaus Stadttöpferei, Neumünster, Germany


    2017        Future Makers Award Kozma Lajos Scholarship, Hungary

    2016        Future Makers Award, Innovation Award, Dublin, Ireland Culture Ireland Scholarship, Ireland

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