Cloud of poetry

Clouds of poetry evokes Literature, poetry, words enable us to reflect on our condition as a human being and on the world around us. Like other arts, they allow us to stop, to observe, to question ourselves, to look in a different way on what surrounds us, and to allow ourselves to be transported or not.
There is also a link with "elevation" with the poem of Baudelaire which is called "elevation".
It is placed on a support wood and mirror to have reflections of letters.

Year of Creation: 2017

Materials: Porcelain clay by modeling

Dimensions: L 32 cm, W 22 cm, H 5 cm


    2012        Stage molding plaster at Patrick Deseur

    2010        Stage "Wood, bronze, rust" with Virginie Besengez at the Art School of Douai

    2009        Internship with Gregoire Scalabre at the Douai School of Art


    2016        Exhibition with several painters, by Christian Bontoux Framing in June

    2015        Steenwerck Ceramics Biennial

                    Museum Andrée Diligent, the Swimming pool museum of Roubaix, exhibition of the "the nest" in the framework of the contest launched by the art school of Douai   

    2014        Art School of Douai, Received the competition on the theme of "Nest" and exhibition "Night of arts", "Nuits des Arts" in Roubaix at Besquare, rue Jean Baptiste Lebas in Roubaix    

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