Chaos IX

It is the ninth piece of a serial which is inspired by the origin of the universe. Each piece is dedicated to one day of the creation of the world from the Bible. From rough porcelain to sophisticated white and bright colors as from chaos to light.

Year of Creation: 2017

Materials: Enameled Porcelain

Dimensions: L 30 cm, W 200 cm, H 20 cm


    2002        Claire Naudot's studio


    2017        "Wounds" Pont Saint Esprit    

                    "Rain of Porcelain" LandArt, Jouy-Le Potier

                    "Three little stones" solo exhibition, gallery Laurent Potier, Vendôme 

                    "Art and heritage" Bellème "European days of heritage", Cavillargues    

                    "Deep returning" Biennale of contemporary sacred art, Lyon  

                    "Les Tupiniers" ceramics exhibition, Lyon

    2016        "Garden of arts" Orléans

                    Solo exhibition, House of the painter Albert André, Laudun

                    Solo exhibition, "Blessures", commemoration centenial 4-18, Pont Saint-Esprit

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