Bai Ming


Dean and Professor, Department of Ceramic Design Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua UniversityChair, Committee of Ceramic Arts, China Artists Association
The Organising Committee of The Blanc de Chine International Ceramic Art Award (ICAA) has chosen white porcelain as the key subject of the competition. In general, the term Blanc de Chine is associated with China. Among the Chinese arts, the ceramics of white porcelain are world renowned. The competition series ICAA offers a venue to artists from all over the world to represent vividly their expertise regarding this specific kind of clay, as well as their various working methods.

Until now, artists from 40 countries have participated in the competition. These artworks are testament to their fantastic creative energies and great dedication, as they undertake their ambitious artistic journeys and explore boundaries between craftsmanship and creation, between restraint and exuberance, between imitation and innovation, between the utilitarian and the spiritual.

The development of civilization is motivated by the search for unity, but the arts simultaneously search for diversity, bringing vital creative spirit to the world we know. The artworks presented here, made of this elegant white porcelain, awaken those expressive ideas and splendid characteristic forms which are inspired by, but go far beyond, the tradition of Blanc de Chine.

Not all creations are meant to replace those iconic aesthetic forms. On the journey of rediscovery and reinterpretation, artists from all over the world are coming together through their widely diverse works and in countless ways.  
In this sense, Blanc de Chine belongs to the world.

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