Judith Schwartz

Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, New York University

Vice President, International Academy of Ceramics
President, Board of Trustees, Museum of Ceramic Art, NY
former Head of Sculpture: Craft Media Area
After all, artists are researchers, they don’t just hatch something up out of nothing. It  comes from trials and effort, trials and effort over and over again, and that’s what makes the exhibition so extraordinary. Because you see the research and the effort that goes into making something not just an object but making it an extraordinary object. Every piece has its own voice and every person has his own voice. Everyone is entitled to a different way of looking at the world.

You’ll be afraid to touch or use some works. But you know that’s what art … You don’t question should art exist, just because it can be broken. It’s the concept and seeing this fleeting moment, even if it should break, the fleeting moment that is in your memory captures your soul. What is art for? Art exists because it frees the spirit to think in imaginative ways.

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