1980: My Journey in China

I made a journey in China in 1980. During this journey, I visited many places because I wanted to know the monuments, the towns, the rural areas, the life of the people who lived in the towns and the life of the people who lived in the rural areas. That trip was important for me because in the 70s China represented a myth for my generation and we had idealized the personalities and the political ideals of that country.
During my trip, I bought some very chip objects that, for me, represented this country. Now I have photographed these objects to make my work “1980: My Journey in China”.
The photos of the objects and some writings, that reminds me of my trip, have become the decoration items of a series of little open boxes. These boxes are like the containers of my memories.
I used a mix of porcelain and paper (paper-clay) to do my boxes. I even used a lot of blue colour because this colour and porcelain are the elements that characterize the Chinese ceramics.

Year of Creation: 2017

Materials: Porcelain And Paper (Paper-Clay), Photoceramics, Slip, Glaze

Dimensions: L 190 cm, W 8 cm, H 8 cm


    2014        Diario pubblico, Argillà, Faenza, Italy

    2012        Diario pubblico, Faenza, Italy

    2011        Diario pubblico a Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie, CFAdes Arts Céramiques, Saint Quentin la Poterie, France


    2015        Jury Mention, Premio Internazionale di Arte CeramicaBaccio da Montelupo, Montelupo Fiorentino,


    2014        One Exceptional Piece Award, Terre d’Arte, XI Concorso internazionale. Lodifa ceramica, Lodi,


                    Honorable Mention, IV International Triennial of SilicateArts, Kecskemét, Hungary

    2013        Best Decoration Award of 2013, China Kaolin Grand Prixfor International Ceramic Art, Jingdezhen,


    2010        Special Mention, International Prize Museum of Alcora,Alcora, Spain

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